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Bfl top

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1 pound of undyed untreated blue faced leicester wool. So soft & has a lovely shine when spun.

My website is in US dollars.

It cost the same to mail 1 pound as 2 pounds to the USA $11.

If you are ordering bigger quantities I will refund shipping over charges or send you a bill for under charges.

Shipping in Canada is all over the place depending on where you live & it cost the about the same to mail 1-3 item as 10. I will need to know what you want to order & your postal code to check the shipping :)

Canadians message me with what you want to order & I will convert it for you and send you a bill in CAD dollars so you avoid extra fee's.

I do ship to other countries, message me with what you want & I can give you a shipping estimate. It is quite reasonable to ship to the UK & Australia.